A Disk Read Error Occurred Windows 10 laptop or desktop SSD Fix

Each plate is divided into numerous tracks and sectors. The plate consists of minute units that are used to store data in a binary form . A spindle is located in the middle of the disk that rotates the unit. 1 drivers vega-10-graphics.7 Windows will proceed to scan the drive for errors and will immediately perform any repairs that can be done without requiring a restart.

The Check Disk command might have detected problems with your hard drive. The check disk writes it log file to the Windows Event Viewer, which you can access by clicking on Start, typing event viewer in the search box and selecting the Event Viewer. Now select Application under Windows Logs and find the entry under the source Chkdsk. If Check Disk keeps running at startup repeatedly, then there might be some problem with your hard drive. Microsoft redesigned how disk checks are performed in Windows 8. Disks are automatically checked during your computer’s Automatic Maintenance procedures.

Technique 1. Check Hard Disk Health Using Windows CHKDSK Tool

If it is still unbootable try the next solution for fixing the disk read error issue. Faulty or loose hard disk drive’s cables can also cause the A disk read error occurred error. Check if the HDD cable is fastened on both ends. Also, try to replace the it with a spare HDD cable. If you don’t have a spare HDD SATA cable, you can temporary remove the cable from another computer and test it on this problem computer.

  • AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free software to check hard drive bad sectors for Windows.
  • Furthermore, you will use another tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which is a comprehensive disk partitioning software and permit you to check errors.
  • Moreover, another possible solution is the installation and frequent updating of an antivirus software program.
  • On the Group Policy tab, select the policy you want to change and click Edit.

These can be catastrophic, such as dropping the computer and damaging the drive or something as simple as firmware that can no longer detect the drive. Disks can also fail gradually as sectors on the disk become unreadable to the read/write mechanism. Other indications of impending disk failure include poor performance while opening or saving files, booting the computer or accessing data. A little different from other errors, this error generally pops up in Windows 10 reinstallation. If it is not the problem of system files, it could be the problem of selected disk. This error sometimes emerges after installing Windows 10/11 from USB bootable device.

How to Run ScanDisk in Windows 8/7/8.1/Vista/XP

Utilities from MS-DOS 5.00 run in this emulation without modification. The very early beta programs of NT show MS-DOS 30.00, but programs running in MS-DOS 30.00 would assume that OS/2 was in control. IBM, which had already been developing the next version of OS/2, carried on development of the platform without Microsoft and sold it as the alternative to DOS and Windows. Microsoft and IBM together began what was intended as the follow-on to MS-DOS/PC DOS, called OS/2. When OS/2 was released in 1987, Microsoft began an advertising campaign announcing that “DOS is Dead” and stating that version 4 was the last full release. Microsoft DOS was released through the OEM channel, until Digital Research released DR-DOS 5.0 as a retail upgrade.

External third party utility software

If you wish to view the technical details of an event, click View technical details. Clearing a log entry is as simple as selecting the event and the “Clear Log” option. You can monitor the messages sent and received by your apps and systems. Crash logs are extremely useful in troubleshooting. They are generated when Windows and Microsoft Office crash, which may provide clues about what caused the crash. We will examine and analyze these logs in greater detail.