Golang Advantages and Use Cases from 8 Software Engineers

For example, gofmt automatically typeset Go code, which largely eliminates the problem of inconsistent code layout style written by different people. There are also very useful tools like gofix, govet, and more. Go programming language doesn’t have a whole structure of classes & inheritance. This means that application development is going to be a lot simpler for developers as they have code inside one window & one class or in one editor. Your application development might have a lot of functions performing varied tasks at varied points within the codes. So, with the use of Go programming language, you can implement all of the functions parallelly at the same time.

  • However, the language is evolving according to the community’s demands and recently, generics support was officially announced.
  • Our directory service allows JumpCloud identities to securely and seamlessly connect employees of organizations to the resources they need to be able to do their jobs.
  • Go takes static typing from С/C++ and aims for code readability similar to that of Python and JS.
  • When set against Rust, Go offers a lot more capabilities in its standard library.
  • It was concurrency support and faster execution speed of Golang that motivated Dropbox to undertake the writing of around 200,000 lines of Go code.

But it’s such a powerful feature of the language, and there are opportunities for performance and efficiency in many places with it. A tutorial to help Java programmers come up to speed quickly with Go. It compares the languages and offers plenty of code examples.


Regardless of how you are going to apply a new programming language in the future, it always gives you a new perspective on programming in general, or on some specific techniques. Given that Go is a statically typed language, it’s exposed to a number of various limitations when it comes to more loosely typed abstract programming. Especially compared to languages like https://forexaggregator.com/ Javascript or Python. Of course, there are also the standard library, and the best practices in different, more specific areas. But two hours would totally be enough time to get you confidently writing a simple HTTP server, or a command-line app. Along with the lazy evaluation, functional programming also comes with the benefit of enhanced readability of values.

Don’t worry, your goroutine will manage it while the main loop continues. Your goroutine will know, and you can gracefully work around the issue. Using Go isn’t something that you’ll want to pick up if your business is still validating its concept.

Let me come at it from a techie but non-developer standpoint. I’m not a trained developer, most of work for the last 30 years has been coding in scripted languages apart from my love of Java. Got in to Golang about a year ago and much like Java, I like the strong typed ideals and I like the verbosity. When people start put into comparison speed tests and say it is faster I start to think they have no other arguments. Long time ago I had experience to write programs in Assembler language.

If you’re waiting for data input, for example, a goroutine can fire off to supply pre-populated text even as the user is typing. In other words, your program will keep running even if the concurrent processes take longer than expected. Best Books to Learn Front-End Web Development These are essentially concurrent functions that run while the rest of the program completes. In other words, you can fire off a goroutine, have it run, and keep going while it and thousands of its brethren process in the background.

Best Go-to Cloud native programming language

In terms of syntax, both Go and Python are easy to learn and understand. Python follows the object-oriented programming paradigm, whereas Go does not. On the contrary, Go supports Goroutines and channels, whereas Python does not. In terms of productivity, Go outperforms Python because it was designed to be more simple and increase programming productivity. When it comes to versatility, Python has the edge since it is a general-purpose programming language and has a comprehensive standard library.

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A Java enum, introduced in 2004, is a special type of class that represents a group of constants. It’s certainly nice to have, but offers little that couldn’t be done with ordinary classes. Currently, some minor additions are considered to help create and test a community-driven process for developing Go.

Golang Is Easy To Learn

Golang inherits the disciplined syntax of C, albeit with some changes and feature improvements that allow developers to manage memory safely. This helps to eradicate the notorious memory leakage issues when Data Science Applications Top 10 Use Cases Of Data Science programmers do not release unused memory by mistake. JumpCloud’s core offering is an authoritative cloud-based directory service, and the tools and services that support that are written in Golang.

  • You can handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent Goroutines without complicating the development process.
  • To cope with the rise in resource utilization and latencies, Uber uses well-executed Go nodes to solve the issues.
  • As an example, Kubernetes has over five million lines of application code and is compiled in a couple of minutes.
  • Join us as we explore the advantages of using a variety of custom Golang web application frameworks along with specific frameworks you can use for your next digital software solution.
  • Java inner classes suddenly appeared in 1997; it took more than a year to update the specification, and it became almost twice as big as a result.
  • If your project is expanding its functionalities and increasing its traffic, consider migrating your backend to Go.

It is in contrast with other programming languages like Python. It requires the entire data in one single place which is in the memory. It is the main reason why R is predominant than other programming languages for the development of statistical tools. R is a platform-independent language or cross-platform programming language which means its code can run on all operating systems. R enables programmers to develop software for several competing platforms by writing a program only once.

The distribution function provide the highest quality of streaming experience. Using the Google App Engine’s native support for Go, allot of projects at google are developed and are currently being developed on Golang. Apart from this, Google uses Golang for their vast interval server infrastructure. Thanks to the Golang increasing society, Golang is growing very fast.

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If you want to synchronize meetings or specific events for teams who operate in different time zones, you can use tools provided by TimeAndDate and Every Time Zone. As you master these tools, you may discover that having crews in various time zones can become one of the main benefits of the distributed development team model. R programming language is much slower than other programming languages such as MATLAB and Python. In comparison to other programming language, R packages are much slower.

  • Do you think creators of systems programming languages like C/C++, Rust etc. were stupid since they don’t do the same?
  • The best advantage of this programming language is that it is an open source project.
  • One of the most significant advantages of functional programming is that it only stores values when needed.
  • Some features of other languages allow you to interact with collections using declarative syntax.

The standard library of Python incorporates a wide array of functions that you need to accomplish your task. The transcode system of the Twitch transcodes the RTMP stream taken from the broadcaster and then transcodes it into various HLS streams. Apart from the transcode system, many other services which are used by Twitch are written on Golang.

The language came to be as an alternative to Java and C++ for app developers, providing a consistent language with a focus on code readability and clear documentation, among many other features. Golang is known for its simplicity, reliability and efficient code compilation when it comes to developing software. Despite being different technologies, Node.js and Golang are both excellent tools to build reliable and efficient backends. Node.js is often ranked at the top of the development charts, yet Go is not behind. Each technology offers high performance, scalability, and error handling. Go is also unrivalled when it comes to server-side development and intensive data processing.

Strings, buffers, all sorts of numbers, nested structs and more. It produces CI-friendly output out-of-box, and the usage is usually as easy as running go test. Of course, it also supports advanced features like running tests in parallel, marking them skipped, and many more.

Go has a vastly improved workflow when compared to concurrency in an asynchronous platform such as node.js. No additional runtime is needed for execution as it’s machine code, therefore a binary executable can perform and recover with resilience. The simplicity of the language makes for easier code review and debugging, while the philosophy of leanness in libraries also eases debugging.