The World Peace Choral Festival 2019

25th – 28th July 2019

 “Coming together to sing, singing for a better future” is the motto of the World Peace Choral Festival. For the 10th time, children and youth choirs from all around the world gathered here again in Vienna, the music capital of the world. From 25th to 28th July, 2019, they expressed their passion for choral music and form new friendships, also performed in front of international audience at historical locations of Vienna. This year, more than 40 choirs and more than 2000 choiristers participated in this year’s choral festival. They are from Austria, Belarus, Canada, China (Mainland and HK), Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Romania and Russia.

25. July 2019

All participating choirs were invited to the “Vienna International City” the UN headquarter in Vienna. The VIC celebrateed its 40th anniversary. All participating choirs sang in the VIC for world peace and its 40th anniversary.  After that, a tour had been organized through the UN, to give the choirs a special experience.

In the afternoon, the grand opening ceremony was held in the Vienna Concert Hall. Guest from politics and art took part in the ceremony. Guest speaker like Mr. Ernst Woller – First President of the Parliament of Vienna, or Mr. Gerald Wirth – artistic director of the Vienna Boys Choir, Mr. Richard Trappl – head of the Confuzius Institut Vienna and other figures from politics and art welcomed the choirs and wish them a pleasant time at the festival.

Then the Vienna Boys Choirs held an amazing concert for the attendees.

In the end, all choirs performed together with the Vienna Boys Choir the motto song of the festival “Coming together to sing, singing for a better future”

In the evening, representatives of each choir were invited to the gala dinner at the city hall and having a “meeting and greet” with the WPCF committee members.

26. July 2019

On the second day of the festival, choirs visited local retirement home. Under the motto – Music connects Generations – WPCF arranged “Music without borders” choir concert for the elderly in 15 different homes. The choirs brought music and joy to elder people. In these afternoon, the homes were filled with beautiful songs from different countries and the local audience enjoyed the company of the young choirs. After the concert, children gave self made present to the them and stayed for some chat. In the end, it was hard to say goodbye to each other.

In the evening, some of the oldest churches opened its doors to the choirs.

The “Ruprechtskirche” is the oldest church in Vienna, founded in year 740!!

The “Peterskirche” is the one most beautiful and famous church, mostly because of its meaning for the Habsburger monarchs.

The “Votivskirche” is one of the oldest gothic churches in Europe.

The “Franziskanerkirche” is a church with the oldest organ in Vienna

All these concert in those churches and MuTh concert hall were part of our “Voice for Peace” concert. These concert were open to the public and enjoyed by a lot of local choir enthusiast and tourist.

27. July 2019

The third day of the festival was marked as the competition and workshop day. Participating choir were judged by a group of well-known choir experts from all around the world. Every choir had to perform their best. In the end, it was not about competing against each other, but rather about improvement and experience. The judges commented on each performances and gave constructive critics to the choir conductors.

At the workshop, choir experts and renowned music professors and conductors trained with each choir and taught tips and guides for choral music. The workshops were held in the classrooms of the Vienna Boys Choir, at Palais Augarten.

On this day, a donation sale to support the UNICEF was held in the MuTh concert hall. Many choirs took the chance to sell their own belongings to other choirs from different countries – vice versa. In the end, every sale revenues were donated to the UNICEF.

28. July 2019

Three special concert at the famous, traditional “Wiener Musikverein” were planned for the last day of the festival. All 40 choirs had the chance to perform alone on a stage famous for being the best music hall in the world – the Grand Hall of the Wiener Musikverein.

All three concerts were sold out and the music hall was filled with beautiful choral music from morning until late at night.  Classic western music, Chinese folk songs and pop musical were presented to the audience. The Vienna Boys Choir also gave an impressive performance and are enjoyed by the audience and the choirs.

After the concerts, awards and certificates were handed to the representative of each choir by the Artistic Committee of the festival for their excellent performance.

As the final act, Prof. Gerald Wirth, the artistic director of the Vienna Boys Choir invited all choirs on stage to sing “Coming together to sing, singing for a better future” one last time at this year’s festival.

At the 2019 World Peace Choral Festival, many new friendships were formed, new choral singing techniques were learned, but most important – everyone enjoyed this four days of choral music activities. Many will return to experience this amazing musical summer once more from 15th to 19th July 2020.