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This normally occurs if the coin or token is not in high demand or there is something wrong with the exchange’s operational features. Low Volume Nodes are usually a result of a breakout rally or a breakdown. During a rally or a breakdown, there will typically be an initial burst of volume and then a significant drop off.

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In other words, if one sells 1,000 shares and another investor buys those 1,000 shares, it will count as volume of 1,000 shares, not 2,000. This may sound obvious, but it’s a rather common misconception. A key bullish indicator is when a stock price has fallen on increasing volume, ahead of a share price rebound, followed by another decline on lower volume. If the stock price doesn’t fall below the previous low when it declines the second time, and volume is down during that second decline, it can be a bullish indicator. Different conclusions can usually be drawn from low trading volume. If a stock is rising on low volume, it may simply reflect an absence of sellers.

What volume is saying now

Trading volume, which measures the number of shares traded during a particular time period, can help. Several major drivers of the increase in trading volume statistics in markets, especially in the US, include high-frequency traders and index funds. Such passive investors utilize high-frequency algorithmic trading, which is a huge contributor to overall trading volumes in stock markets. Every market exchange tracks its trading volume and provides volume data. Volume of trade numbers may be reported as frequently as once every hour throughout one trading day.

Investors can make an assessment of how convicted traders are about a particular stock, or the market in general. High volumes indicate a strong conviction with the direction in which the stock or market is moving. However, volumes are not revealing of the reason for the market trend, so investors will have to research to find out why the trend is occurring. Real traders, who transact in the market based on their own evaluations and expectations of market movements, only make up 10% of the total volume in US markets. The traders utilize trading volume as one of the factors used in their technical analysis while considering market trades.

  • You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
  • Control means the power to direct the management and policies of the company in question, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract, or otherwise.
  • J.P. Morgan Wealth Management is a business of JPMorgan Chase & Co., which offers investment products and services through J.P.
  • The volume of trade refers to the full measure of the number of securities, i.e., shares or contracts traded during a specific trading day.
  • If it does not, a trader might not expect the reversal pattern to complete.

In other words, the 24-hour trading volume of a cryptocurrency is how much value of a coin has been bought and sold over the course of a day. Traders usually use the trading volume data to confirm trend continuations and reversals. When a security is trending, an increase in trading volume could confirm that the underlying trend has enough steam to continue. Similarly, when a trend stops and reverses, an increase in trading volume can be used to confirm a trend reversal. On Balance Volume is based on a running total of a security’s trading volume.

Calculating volume in forex is more difficult because it’s a decentralised over-the-counter market. Volume charts will be plotted depending on the time period selected. For example, you can view an hourly chart, daily chart or weekly chart. Hourly volume reports are usually only estimates, whereas the daily report happens after market close and is more accurate. Schwab does not recommend the use of technical analysis as a sole means of investment research.

A real-world example of trading volume

To begin the legend removal process, an should contact the company that issued the securities, or the transfer agent for the securities, to ask about the procedures for removing a legend. Removing the legend can be a complicated process requiring you to work with an attorney who specializes in securities law. Trading FX/CFDs on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Funding for education can come from any combination of options and a J.P. Morgan Advisor can help you understand the benefits and disadvantages of each one.

Exchanges usually show the trading volume of a cryptocurrency on their own exchange, which would not be the overall trading volume of that cryptocurrency across the entire market. Before investing, it is important to look at the total trading volume of a cryptocurrency and not only at its volume as it is presented in a single exchange. Tick volume refers to the number of up-ticks and down-ticks in an exchange rate over a period of time.


From a chart perspective, volume may not be increasing commensurately with the uptrend in stocks. There has been an increase in volume recently compared with previous months, but that may be due to the seasonal trend for volume to decrease over the summer, and then pick up during the fall. Compared with the same time last year, the Dow’s volume is roughly the same. Basically, even though the Dow has been rising over the short term, you don’t see volume increasing compared to last year. Given that volume may not be confirming the bullish trend in stocks, investors may want to exercise some caution over the short term.

There are times when an upward trend in buying a particular stock can become exhausted, leading to sharp price and volume changes that can signal the end of the trend. Of course, some investors won’t want to miss out, so they buy high and volume spikes, but when the flurry of activity ends, the price stabilizes and then falls, as buyer interest is depleted. With lower trading volumes, the stock may have more significant price swings, adding more risk to trades. Knowing the volume of stocks and exchange traded funds is helpful in evaluating trends in the market. Stock volume is the number of shares traded over a period of time . What’s much harder is figuring out how to invest in stocks well.

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Cryptocurrency volume is similar to the concept of liquidity, but they are not the same. Meanwhile, liquidity is the amount available for trading at any single price. If the current day opens below the previous day’s value area look for price to retrace back towards the Point of Control and then proceed to fall (the direction of the day’s open). Therefore during the retracement to the Point of Control, there is a selling opportunity.

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. If you are an affiliate, you must file a notice with the SEC on Form 144 if the sale involves more than 5,000 shares or the aggregate dollar amount is greater than $50,000 in any three-month period. If you are an affiliate, the sales must be handled in all respects as routine trading transactions, and brokers may not receive more than a normal commission.


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If you purchased restricted securities from another non-affiliate, you can tack on that non-affiliate’s holding period to your holding period. For gifts made by an affiliate, the holding period begins when the affiliate acquired the securities and not on the date of the gift. In the case of a stock option, including employee stock options, the holding period begins on the date the option is exercised and not the date it is granted. The AAL stock has been in a strong downtrend, with the OBV indicator confirming each push lower. Remember that the OBV indicator increases by the share volume count when the stock’s price rise, and deducts the share volume count when the stock’s price falls. Similarly, when the price of a stock falls on a relatively high trading volume, this suggests a continuation of the downtrend.

If price reaches new highs or lows while volume decreases, this could mean that a potential reversal is on its way. Trading volume can also send signals about whether the market is trending bullish or bearish, or whether a particular stock is likely to have a breakout movement. Breakouts happen when a stock’s price moves above a certain level. Trading volume can also help you pinpoint potentially false breakouts when a stock is signaling that it’s share price is about to increase but it actually isn’t. For example, in a market environment where prices are falling and volume is increasing, you may decide to buy in to try and profit when the market recovers and prices start rising again. Or you could decide to sell off some of your stocks to minimize losses. volume, or volume in trading, is the number of completed trades in a single security or across a whole market in a given time period. For example, if shares in a security are traded 50 times in a day, the volume for the day is 50. As volume offers an extra dimension when examining an asset’s price history, it is a popular tool in the technical analysis of markets. If a price movement is accompanied by a proportionate increase in volume, it is seen as more significant than one that isn’t. Volume is an important indicator for traders to determine the future profitability of cryptocurrencies.